Course production (MOOC production)

Now, MOOC’s are quite a phenomenon. Published on the prestigious EdX platform, these are outstanding high quality world classes demanding our special attention. The NMC is very experienced in the making of media for MOOC’s (aka MOOC production) and during a detailed intake session we’ll exchange your ideas with ours. About what your intentions are, what we can do for you and how to translate your scenario into an online format.

For an overview of our MOOC work, we proudly refer to DelftX on the prestigious EdX platform. Lots of what you find there is our doing!


We would like to facilitate you by offering you our latest Powerpoint template (March 2017) for use in your online course.
When finished editing please send it to Marleen van Amerongen. She will tell you if it’s suitable for presenting it in an online course.

Download ppt file
Powerpoint template (4.2 Mb)

To produce a MOOC is very time consuming for teacher as well as staff. Therefore, we developed an efficient workflow, better expressed as co-creation. To take a pick: our Powerpoint template (download, 4.2 Mb) will help you create a crispy and clear course.
Our relationship will be tight together during the process of making. So, we want you to be as comfortable as possible. Please phone us and we’ll show you how!

TU Delft @ EdX