People of NewMedia Centre - Ruud Van Zijl
Ruud van Zijl, project manager
Point of contact for all our products and services
Major: Media specialist
Minor: Father of two beautiful daughters
Phone +31(0)15 278 17 05

People of NewMedia Centre - Jan Douma
Jan DoumaMedia engineer
AV recording and engineering, studio management, stream specialization
Major: Media engineering
Minor: Helidrone space dynamics
Phone: +31(0)15 278 17 93

People of NewMedia Centre - Roland Van Roijen
Roland van RoijenMedia designer
3D motion and animations, Web and applications, graphics both digital and print
Major: Media design
Minor: Surfing NL
Phone: +31(0)15 278 16 99

People of NewMedia Centre - Cok Francken
Cok FranckenMedia designer
Graphic design, websites, animations, photography
Major: Media design
Minor: Cycling to stay fit
Phone:+31(0)15 278 47 61

People of NewMedia Centre - Rob Maas
Rob MaasMedia engineer
Video production, instruction and studio recording
Major: Media expertise
Minor: Soccer coach
Phone: +31(0)6 51 58 24 21

Cora Bijsterveld, Media specialist
Coordination of the Open Courseware and iTunesU program
Major: Didactics and copyright specialization
Minor: Mountain hiking
Phone: +31(0)15 278 67 23

People of NewMedia Centre - Jos Vermeulen
Jos Vermeulen, Media assistant
Coordination and maintenance Collegerama web lecture service
Major: Planning and control
Minor: Family man
Phone: +31(0)15 278 74 04

People of NewMedia Centre - Marleen Van Amerongen
Marleen van Amerongen, office manager
Planning, finance and general assistance, miscellaneous screaming
Major: Business administration
Minor: Outdoor camping
Phone: +31(0)15 278 50 82

People of NewMedia Centre - Thijs Sanderse
Thijs Sanderse, Media assistant
Coordination and maintenance Collegerama web lecture service
Major: AV technique
Minor: When you get hairy you need a shave
Phone: +31(0)15 278 74 04

People of NewMedia Centre - Geraldo Solisa
Geraldo Solisa, Video production
Video production and editing
Major: Pre & post production
Minor: Peaky Blinder hats
Phone:+31(0)6 38 38 47 77

People of NewMedia Centre - Ference van der Vlist
Ference van der Vlist, Assistant Collegerama
Employable for all ins and outs
Major: Operations
Minor: Tablet collector, pinball player

Michel Beerens, Head of the department
Final responsible for all ins and outs
Major: Supervising counselor
Minor: collector of good things
Phone: +31 6 4859 0169