NewMedia Centre

We, at the Library NewMedia Centre of the Delft University of Technology bet a fine bottle of wine that the web and multimedia will play an important role in the future of online education! And if you feel the same way, you’re at the right place. In fact, it’s noticeable in our studio everyday. Here, the design, the production and online publication of didactical scenario’s is becoming daily business. And Yes, you are right: the online learning experience demands a different approach.


So, let’s aim for that X-factor in online education together with you. We’ll get you in your comfort-zone and create a ready-to-publish course. But we do more as you will soon notice.

NewMedia Centre control roomThe X-factor refers to that un-definable “something” that makes for star quality. It’s our ambition, together with excellent teachers, to define this un-definable “something” in a fresh set of media principles that make a difference. Collegerama (2004), for example and – recently (2013) – in MOOCs; online world classes commissioned by the TU Delft Extension School for EdX, OpenCourseWare and Online Distance Education courses. It’s our contribution in shaping the next-generation university.