Our story

The TU Delft Library NewMedia Centre has a history in creating, producing and publishing scientific multimedia content. For print and on the web. They are currently delivering 20.000 web lectures and hundreds of knowledge clips for online masters, blended bachelors and more than 11 worldwide classes in EdX.

In the seventies of the last century the need for analogue graphic and visual resources at the TU Delft University grew enormously. For the use in classrooms and research purposes, scientific publications, recruitment and academic events.. As a result the Audiovisual Centre was established. After a  drastic austerity in 1999 the AVC was re-reorganized into an independent internal business unit facilitating media and communication services like photography, graphic design, print, AV technique and inter-active programs. With it, the name changed into Multimedia Services to suit their core business. Meantime, education changed and internet use grew rapidly, haunted by the WWW and broadband. The focus shifted to digital, capturing and publishing classes online (Collegerama).

History of NewMedia Centre

For this reason NMC developed a vision and workflow to produce didactical high quality attractive assets, as lowcost possible. Our ambition is to come up with a new standard in course design, course production and course publishing. In january 2013 NMC joined the TU Delft Library. A logical step with a library full of content to publish. Learning by progressive understanding resulting in a solid scenario for further development.

Nowadays, the NewMedia Centre operates  as a multimedia publication and collaboration platform, bundling combining and institutionalizing all campus online initiatives.

Studio History NewMedia Centre
The Audiovisual Centre back in 1989